Management Consulting Case Interview Preparation Bootcamp

Crack Management Consulting Interviews by learning how to solve various case types, how to ace personal experience interviews, and how to network like a pro.

An intense crash course to ace your case solving skills

Seats available

10 / 10

What you will learn

DAY 1:

Session 1: Introduction to case solving
Session 2: Profitability cases
Session 3: Guesstimates
Session 4: Non-Profit cases

DAY 2:

Session 1: Market Entry Cases
Session 2: Manufacturing / Operations cases
Session 3: Personal Experience Interviews
Session 4: Networking

Each session would cover:

What does the interviewer expect?
Model questions & Answers
What is the path to improve
Sample questions
Live case practice

You will also get access to

Bonus 1

Access to all the video recordings from the session

Bonus 2

Cases Over Coffee's membership for 3 months

Bonus 3

Cases Over Coffee's ebook on Management Consulting

Bootcamp experiences

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