Case Solving With a Partner


On the CoC Platform, you will find two variants of cases – Variant A & Variant B. For Eg. Case 1A, 1B or Case 2A, 2B

In most cases, Case variant #A will have a model solution. It will be solved by MBB consultants. Case Variant #B will have a short solution where an MBB consultant will take you through some of the broader aspects of the case. Given below are the steps for case solving with a partner.

  • You will get assigned a case partner in 24-48 hours once you register
  • Schedule a case with your partner
    • Introduce yourself
    • Select a case-solving medium
    • Discuss roles (Interviewer/Interviewee)
  • Solve and take a note of your feedback
  • Listen to model solution recording

Sample Email Format-

Introduction: Name, email/ contact details/ details you are comfortable sharing – for example- LinkedIn.

Decide on a case-solving medium. You can either use a phone call (audio only) or any other medium of your choice (Google Meet/ Skype/ Zoom etc.).

Discuss over a call, who wants to be an INTERVIEWER and who wants to be a CANDIDATE for case variant #A. And REMEMBER you will switch roles for case #B. 

Fix a time to solve a case. One session should not take more than 30-40 minutes. Please complete both A & B in the next 6 days. After that, you will be assigned a new case partner. Please rush!


  • Start with case #A variant (which is available on the Cases over Coffee website). This should ONLY be read by the “Interviewer‘. This would give you the guidelines on interviewing your partner. Also, listen to the model solution of #A BEFORE you interview the partner so that you are prepared to give better feedback.
  • Interviewers should listen to the ‘MODEL SOLUTION’ BEFORE the discussion.
  • It is okay to deviate a bit from the script but the essence of the case should be captured while solving it. Some things you should definitely check:
  • If the objective was clarified
  • If there was enough reasoning presented, market awareness

If the recommendations solve the problem


  • If you have just started with your case solving journey, you don’t need to get anxious about how well you are solving a case. Case solving is a skill that you can improve with time.
  • If you are a complete beginner, then go listen to the model solution first. Try to see how an actual consultant has solved that case.
  •  But, do this a few days before solving that same case with your partner. There will be a time decay; the flow of the case illustrated by the interviewer is likely to be different too. This will be a good starting point for you.
  • If you have solved 2-3 cases already, then it is time for you to actually take the plunge into solving the case yourself first.


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